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  • Kelionė Kaune iki bet kurios Jūsų pasirinktos vietos.
  • Kelionė Kaune iki bet kurios Jūsų pasirinktos vietos.
  • Kelionė Kaune iki bet kurios Jūsų pasirinktos vietos.
  • Kelionė Kaune iki bet kurios Jūsų pasirinktos vietos.

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  • After arriving from the Kaunas district to the fixed end of the journey address in Kaunas, you can continue your further journey (to an address of your choice) for only 3 euros.
  • Other travel routes of your choice are arranged individually.
  • Akcijos laikas neribotas.

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  • Akcija 50% nuolaida

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  • After the first and after your second trip, the driver will give you one discount coupon each.
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  • Promotion time is unlimited.



Worth a visit


Raudondvaris Manor Ensemble

A frequent visitor to Raudondvaris manor for the first time
surprised: "How beautiful it is." It is one of the oldest and most impressive brick buildings
estates in Lithuania, not yet discovered by tourists. Here it is worth coming to the cultural ones
events, to learn about its 400-year history or just to take a walk in the park

The Kaunas district museum of tourism is located in the manor
and business information center, arts incubator. It regularly hosts exhibitions,
fun educational programs. We recommend seeing the unique glass room,
to see the white hall where wedding ceremonies are held.

Renaissance-style palace built in the 17th century.
in the first half, have survived to our days. All other buildings were wooden,
they burned down in 1831. In their place, new walls were erected and the prosperity of the manor began
age Since its foundation, Raudondvaris belonged to the most prominent noble families of the LDK.
The most is known about its last owners - Counts Tiškevičius
dynasty that lived in Raudondvary since 1819. until 1915 From generation to generation
Tiškevičiai handed over the estate as a wedding gift to their eldest son. One of
of the heirs, Benediktas Emanuelis, accumulated enormous wealth, an art collection,
20 thousand book library, but his son died before reaching adulthood. Everything
passed to grandson Henrik Benediktas Tiškevičius. He became a famous traveler, his
yacht "Žemajtej" visited America, the Far East. His artistic photographs
were exhibited at world-class exhibitions.

Tiškevicians were art patrons who helped to achieve
heights for the first professional musician in Lithuania, Juoz Naujalius. In the palace
there is an exposition dedicated to the composer J. Naujalis.

True stories about the life of courtiers
it's fun to hear from Countess Rozalija, who leads the tours. She doesn't forget
mention the strict upbringing of noble children, can teach the correct use

Arriving in Raudondvari is convenient by car or
by city transport, on weekends from May to September - by boat from Kaunas
the old piers.

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