Eldership of Alšėnai

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The address of the end of the journey of these settlements
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The address of the end of the journey of these settlements
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About Alšėnai borough

Alšėnai borough is one of the most dynamic, fastest growing boroughs of the Kaunas district.

It got its name from what used to be Alšėnai
the old manor in the village, today the old town has no manors, but it is proud
  two churches and the old Digriau chapel, near which 1863 was buried
  rebels of the year.
57 km. m boils in the territory of the precinct
life, there is an intensive and multifaceted development. The surroundings of Alšėnai - this
  gaudesys of the international transit highway "Via Baltica", industries
the pace of companies, the concerns of the settler quarters, academic youth
the clamor and the ripening fields.
In the industrial zone at the highway "Via
Baltica" is a new job-creating business. Academic
the main Lithuanian police school was established in the settlement Mastaičiai
training base.
A short distance to the city, eye
pleasant forests, developed infrastructure attract you to the Alšėnai region
attracts settlers. About 150 new ones settle in the old town every year
population, most of them are young families.
However, the surroundings of Alšėnai have been around for a long time
famous for great people. Once upon a time many brave men of this land were laid to rest
heads in the fight for freedom. Having duly honored the dead, restored the occupiers
destroyed monuments, the residents of the ward have recovered
for decades of independence, managed to create a lively, rich
cultural life.
There are no rivers in Alšėnai precinct
lakes, but there are plenty of forests: Alšengirė, Digrių, Laibutė, Navyna and
Žalgire, the area of which reaches 500 ha. From pollution and prevailing winds
the old town is protected by one of the largest Kazlų Rūda forests in Lithuania.
This ward extends to the southwest from
Kaunas and borders the city of Kaunas, Garliava surroundings, Garliava,
Noreikiškii, Ringaudi, Zapyškis boroughs, Prieni district and Kazlų
Ore forests.
The municipality includes 26 villages, including
the Alšėnai people, who gave the name to this region, have academic traditions from a long time ago
nurturing Mastaičiai - the center of the ward, the only ward
distinguished by water bodies and urban "character".
Jonučiai, famous for its wooden and brick churches and Žolinė indulgences
  Pažeri, the freedom fighters honored with the name Narsičiai.
The largest village is Mastaičiai, with over 1.2 thousand inhabitants. population. The smallest is Kujagalvių, there is only one person left here.
Information from the book "Pakaunės dešimtmečiai" (compiled by P. Garnys)