Pay for services through the PayPal system

  • Paying for the trip in cash requires a registered PayPal account.
  • How to create and register an account with PayPal CLICK HERE


What is PayPal? 

How to pay for services?


"Bites Profas" tells more about PayPal, the emergence of the service in Lithuania and how to create an account.
Martynas Vrubliauskas


PayPal's payment platform provides one of the easiest and fastest ways
make money transfers. You don't need to enter it every time you pay
payment card data, it is enough to know the recipient's e-mail postal address. By the way,
when shopping in online stores, PayPal ensures its users
additional security. If you get cheated during the purchase, the service helps you
to get the money back," says Martynas Vrubliauskas of "Bites Profas".

PayPal is
fast and easy way to receive or transfer money online to friends, family
members, Lithuanian and foreign online stores. Payments
can be done using a mobile app (Android and iOS) or
by logging in through a browser.

"Everything that
all you need to send money to family or friends is the recipient's email. mail
address. Also, anyone who has PayPal and knows your email mail
address associated with the account can transfer money to you. About the order received
you will be immediately informed by e-mail by post And the payment will be added to PayPal
balance", says the expert of "Bitė" smart devices.
You can pay with PayPal in all online stores where you see these
platform logo. Simply select it as a payment method when shopping,
then log in to your account and confirm the payment.
"Registration of the service is completely free. Transfer money to friends,
for family members or online shops in the same currency, you can too
for free. You will only need to pay for transfers or receipts in another currency,"
- explains M. Vrubliauskas and adds that from 2021 start PayPal allowed
users can also pay with cryptocurrencies. From 2019
"PayPal" officially started operating in Lithuania as well. She gave the Lithuanians
the ability to send money for free in the account opening currency (or another currency
– for an additional fee) to friends and family. It is also convenient to shop online
or give to a charity, for example, one that cares about elephant conservation
organization using a bank card or bank linked to a PayPal account

First of all
Go to and click Sign Up at the top of the screen.
Choose which - business or personal - account you want to create and
tap Next. After that, enter your phone number and the one received via SMS
the code. In the next step, enter your name, surname, e-mail address. postal address and
create a strong password. Then enter your residential address,
other requested information and click Continue.
"Immediately after that, open the email. email and click "Confirm My
Email Address". Then sign in to your PayPal account again, select
Pay & Get Paid and under Wallet, Banks & Cards. Mark it
provide the bank card or account with which you want to link your PayPal account
the requested data and confirm by entering the four-digit code you will find
on your debit or credit card statement next to the amount charged by PayPal. Are
by making a payment of up to 1 euro to the specified bank account of the service. To both
in some cases, these amounts will be returned after some time", states "Bitė Profas".